Education & e-Learning Related Applications

The presence of online education applications aiding the cause of education.

The omnipresent Internet and Computers have made the constraints of time and space redundant. Businesses and Universities are now increasingly relying on educational application on World Wide Web to deliver content and training modules to students, trainees and employees. HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Flash technologies along with different audio, video and media formats are employed to create educational applications and training modules for learners.

Advantages of online educational application.

  • Various researches point out that e-learning applications result in marked improvement in the performance of taught. This can be attributed to the absence of pressure and stresses which are parts of the regular face-to-face class
  • The learning power of brain is known to peak at different hours of the day, for different individuals. With an e-learning application students and taught can have the flexibility of learning as and when they feel comfortable
  • It provides great access to knowledge and information which is beneficial for students and instructors alike. There are Open Course Ware programs that offer greater integration between resources

E-learning application development at SynapseCo.

SynapseCo offer e-Learning application on all renowned platforms like LINUX, MS Windows, etc. The team maps the client’s requirements and tries to incorporate them right from the stage of conceptualization, designing, development and subsequent implementation. Java and PHP works best for LINUX and Windows.

XML is used for integration of user-interface with the developed application.

For presentation interface XHTML, CSS along with JavaScript and Flash are used.

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