AWS Mobile Hub

AWS Mobile Hub is an integrated console developed by Amazon that allows you to build, test, and monitor mobile applications. You can easily add and configure the features that you want to see in your mobile app, i.e. user authentication, content delivery, analytics. backend logic, data storage and push notifications. This console then utilizes the necessary Amazon Web Services (AWS) and creates a fully functional sample app for you. Once you have built the app, you can test it on real devices, engage your audiences and track the usage.

How AWS Mobile Hub solutions help businesses to get high-performance apps

Mobile app deployment, storage maintenance, and testing are equally important as like the development process for creating a high-performance app. This AWS technology comes with a variety of tools allowing you to do the operation part in an effective manner. To ensure mobile app success, it is very important to know the response of the end-users. You can use this hub technology to engage your customers by sending mobile push notifications, SMS text messages and emails.

Get reliable AWS Mobile Hub services from the expert

  • AWS mobile device management
  • Device messaging
  • Monetization
  • Gaming services
  • AWS cloud solutions
  • Data migration
  • AWS mobile backend solutions
  • Architecture design
  • AWS Mobile SDK for Android, iOS, Xamarin and .NET
  • Automated mobile application testing

Why SynapseCo is a top AWS Mobile Hub company

  • We provide a one-stop solution for all your mobile app development, hosting, deployment and testing needs.
  • Our affordable and efficient AWS services perfectly match your requirements and budget.
  • Our certified AWS developers are highly dedicated and full of innovative ideas.
  • We deliver tailor-made projects within the stipulated time.
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • State-of-the-art development and testing centers.
  • We cater to diverse industry verticals.
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction.

We deliver excellence in all AWS Mobile Hub projects

Our delivered AWS Mobile Hub projects have helped various global clients to launch their product/service apps in the minimal time. We have followed rigorous testing practices to ensure that the delivered apps are bug-free. Are you looking for a reliable AWS Mobile Hub agency? Contact us now!

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