Business Intelligence

We make Custom Business Intelligence Software that helps you track mistakes, control present and forecast future results based on business decisions. We try hard to take business intelligence and information management tools beyond simple reporting & back-office productivity gains to become sources of competitive differentiation and truly optimized business performance.

We are experienced in a wide variety of tools to extrapolate information from a warehouse or other sources into reporting metrics on a real-time basis.

Based on their domain knowledge, our analysts set up a meaningful benchmark and information standard for your system providing you with the information you need to make the decisions that drive your business.

Business Intelligence Software Services

Software services that we offer include:

  • Dashboards– In our designed Business Intelligence Software, Dashboards consists of all major elements that a company needs to plan out intelligent business strategies. We, at, design metrics and present it via a user-friendly visual interface, named dashboards. Via our eye-catching, interactive, and elegantly designed-customized dashboards, we provide departments, enterprises, and employees with access of visually impressive flash based displays.
  • Dynamic BI Reports– We allows for intelligent business decisions through a comprehensive suite of dynamic reporting tools. Our reporting tools let companies simplify reporting via conveniently modifying, accessing, publishing and formatting the pertinent details to departments, employees, customers, and vendors
  • Data Integration-Using a ground-breaking approach, we are adept in blending ETL, modeling & visualization into one integrated module that helps both developers & users to work together to create applications efficiently.
  • Analysis-We allows companies to gain the insight and the power of having important analytical data in their hands instantly whenever they require it. Our comprehensive analyzer tool provides interactive tools and allows users to fast understand and draw their respective conclusions using this feature-rich tool
  • Scorecarding– It helps align tactics & teams with strategy, consistently communicate goals, and watch performance against targets.
  • We are also competent in implementing Business Intelligence System & Solutions in areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP application development) and Customer relationship management (CRM Applications) through the power of Microsoft .Net & Java platform to provide web-enabled BI Solutions & analytics.

Our Processes Include:

Processes involved in our Business Intelligent Software Development activities are as follows:

Continuous Improvement –

  • Monitor
  • Measure
  • Establish business metrics and processes.

Comprehensive Reporting –

  • Link financial performance, operational management, transactional applications and strategic planning.

Developing New Workflows –

  • Enhance your competitive advantage,
  • Create new products
  • Improve customer service.

Building Collaboration –

  • Reconcile report
  • Analyze information across work functions.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership –

  • Improve cost-efficiency of assets and labor.
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