Dashboard Application

We offer effective and affordable development of dashboard applications that allow for one-click access to personal, corporate, team, and external information keeping it organized. Utilizing their years of experience and expertise, our dashboard application developers proffer a complete range of dashboard development, deployment, and support services.

Custom Dashboard application –

Dashboard software is a highly effective business intelligence tool. Dashboards can be analysis-oriented and monitoring-oriented and are a foundation of performance management software. A few Dashboard solutions that we have offered are:

  • Excel Dashboards, Templates, and Business Software
  • Business Analysis and Reporting Solutions
  • Data visualization and analysis software
  • Management dashboard software
  • Executive Dashboard Software
  • Performance Management
  • Portlet Dashboards

Interactive Reports

Our dashboard allows you to monitor and perfect sales strategies, track leads and close more deals. Our developer team works with you to map out your reporting requirements and develop reports and dashboards that:

  • Monitor your business pipeline, helping you keep a track of your sales cycle and convert opportunities into sales
  • Track customer relationship efforts, flagging clients, and customers that need attention and activity
  • Standardize reporting mechanisms for almost any purpose:
    • Business development and quotation monitoring
    • Client relationship management
    • Staff activity monitoring
    • Financial

Portlet Dashboards – Embedding Executive Dashboard in Web Application

We allow reports to double as standard-enabled Portlets. The integrated Portlet engine enables business users to accumulate report portlets to create dashboards. Key benefits to Portlets enlist:

  • Ability to use IT designed, business logic powered Portlets
  • Standards-enabled and integration-friendly
  • Drag-and-drop layout

Scorecards for Performance Management

Our Scorecard includes a lot of KPIs (key performance indicators) that liken current performance data to quotas, goals and target trends. The scorecard also informs what action to be taken in case the specified goals aren’t met. The major benefits are the additional capacities for:

  • Exception alerts for associated KPI
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Exception-based management

Scorecards are the best solution for monitoring dashboard metrics, consolidating all the KPIs that could be integrated with an executive or a business dashboard.

Overall Features of Dashboard software –

Some striking features of Dashboard software include:

  • Dashboard Tree browser
  • Measuring sales KPIs
  • Beanshell Integration
  • Interactive reports
  • Infinite drills
  • Wiring Portlets (Qlets) to common dashboard parameters
  • Dynamically change the dimension of data in portlet/qlet
  • Define drills on column A and pass value of Column B
  • Auto Export or Scheduled export from SQL query
  • Visual data Analysis & Mash-ups
  • Heterogeneous database sourcing
  • Automatic Dashboard Refresh
  • Portlet local parameters/filters
  • Multiple database support
  • Web-based financial tool
  • Exception Formatting or Conditional color coding
  • Customize font and color of individual columns
  • Dashboard global parameters with value sets
  • Customize font and color of individual rows
  • Create dashboard via Excel Spreadsheet
  • Template based dashboard designing
  • Marketing and performance scorecards
  • Powerful charts and intelligent gauges
  • Export SQL to PDF, HTML, CSV

The industry also has Flex 3 Dashboards, Microsoft Application Virtualization Dashboard etc. available for purchase and customization.

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