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React Native App

React Native app is a type of real mobile app using apps which are identical to the ones which are built using Objective-C. It is a community-based platform which utilizes the same fundamental UI building blocks which are used in conventional iOS and Android-based apps thereby enabling businesses to save their time and costs substantially. React Native’s architecture is in sync with mobile devices. It uses GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) while native platforms are more CPU(Central Processing Unit) based. Therefore it is much faster in comparison to native technologies.

At SynapseCo, we have the credentials gained through years of experience in working on Reactive native based apps. Our developers have high proficiency in developing cross-platform apps. We use agile development methodology in order to develop apps according to the diverse needs of clients. As an offshore React Native app developer, we offer the following services:-

React Native iOS development – Our React Native developers have expertise in developing high-quality react native apps using an iOS-based cross-platform framework.

Integration of React Native Firebase – A combination of Firebase with React Native quickens the app development process. We assist in React Native Firebase integration between data, users and validation factors in a mobile app.

Development of React Native hybrid apps – Are you in search of a React Native based app related to your industry?Our development team can create Native like hybrid mobile apps on your behalf.

Designing of React Native materials for iOS and Android – As an eminent React Native app development company, we have a good idea of the existing standards for developing React Native material based design for iOS and Android. Our designers have created numerous React Native projects by making use of its material design component library.

App support and maintenance for React Native – We actively support our clients throughout the mobile app development process and even in the post-development phase. So you can count on our Native app developers to offer support and maintenance for your existing apps.

Development of Server side API through the use of React Native – We have a skilled server team who have the knowledge and skills to create adaptable, safe server-side APIs. Our UI/UX designing and backend development team will coordinate to meet all our requirements such as server-side API development, complicated UI/UX designs, API integration, real-time as well as dynamic data processing and proactive backend support.

Integration of React Native geo-location based apps – The integration of geo-location feature in your mobile app will enhance its usability. You can make the best use of the real-time position feature of your app as a result. SynapseCo has created numerous Real Native based mobile apps through the extension of Geolocation API.

Migration to the React Native platform – Are you worried about database loss during your app’s upgradation process to the newest React Native version? Want to migrate to React Native? Our developers will ensure seamless migration process from your current native apps to react native. They will ensure that the database is secured throughout the upgradation.

Development of React Native apps – We can create cross-platform mobile Android-based mobile apps for your business for using features of React Native within a reasonable budget. We will thereby help to improve product scalability and regenerate your business in a new manner.

Why opt for SynapseCo’s React Native app development services?

  • Presence of dedicated developers – Our developers have vast experience of working on React Native based apps. Therefore they can work on such projects flawlessly and provide you with satisfactory results.
  • Rigorous testing of app quality – We utilize the latest OS and tools to check the quality of the mobile apps we develop. A complete testing process is followed to ensure that the apps develop live up to your expectations.
  • Adherence to Agile methodology – We follow an Agile methodology to ensure that our developers can take decisions based on agile principles and values.
  • We offer Full Stack development services – You can hire our team full stack development team at any phase of your project. They have a complete knowledge of all platforms which are used for developing React Native apps.

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