Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a term which is used to denote a wide range of computing services such as software, analytics, databases and networking across the internet. These services are best suited for firms which have a growing or unsteady bandwidth demands. Cloud capacity can be increased or decreased as per the changing needs of an organization. This type of flexibility can help a firm gain an edge over its competitors.

Small businesses lack the resources and expertise to deal with data loss. The usage of cloud-based backup and recovery solutions enables them to save their time, avoid large investments and avoid depending on the expertise of any third-party to deal with such issues. SynapseCo is cloud computing development services provider which has created its own niche in this domain by creating high-quality solutions that change the workflow of businesses. Our cloud-based services include:-

Safe execution of cloud computing – We offer a wide range of safe cloud development features such as Identity Access Management(IAM), Role-based Access Control(RBAC), Security Socket Layer/Transport Layer(SSL/TLS) encryptions, Single Sign-On(SSO) etc.

Cloud-based programming solutions – Our developers are proficient in working on a wide range of cloud platform programming languages such as Software-as-a-Service(SaaS), Database-as-a-Service(DBaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Programming is done in compliance with Cloud Data Management Interface(CDMI) standards.

Customized computing services – SynapseCo offers a wide range of cloud computing services such as databases, platforms, architecture, platforms, and applications. We are also adept at virtualization of files, servers, and network components.

Cloud migration solutions – Our programmers have years of experience in engineering systems, cloud migration services, and applications and developing new cloud computing solutions. We have garnered a high level of reputation over the years by ensuring result-driven migration through scale and flexibility.

Cloud protocol development services – We offer you with cloud computing programming with common protocols and open standards such as TCP/IP, XHTML, XML, SOAP, REST and HTTP/HTTPS. This enables the seamless exchange of data between different web applications.

Cloud-based solutions – SynapseCo offers community, distributed, multi-cloud as well as inter-cloud development solutions with multi-tenant features and user provisioning programming. We also offer cloud integration services and self-service portal development.

Why opt for cloud application development services?

You can build your own team – You can hire one or more of SynapeCo’s developers and acquire a vast range of benefits such as in-built QA and timely project management with no extra costs.

You get daily insights – You will have access to a dedicated team for complete collaboration by sharing daily reports, being available during your company’s working hours to address, concerns and components.

Get in touch with our experts – Once our experts comprehend your project requirements, they will live up to your expectations by using their technical acumen and experience.

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