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HTML5 is one of the newest web technologies which is used for creating websites. Though it offers a number of features which existed in earlier versions, HTML5 comes with some exciting new features also. It offers offline caching which enables visitors to load specific elements to a webpage without having any access to an active internet connection. So, in case a visitor’s internet connection isn’t available, he or she can still load the major elements to a website.

HTML5 is also cross-compatible across major browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. It is optimized for the development of mobile apps and websites. So, responsive websites can be smoothly built and offer functionality across a wide range of devices. Users can, therefore, browse through websites promptly without the need for horizontal scrolling. It is used in apps which need:-

  • Rich support of multimedia
  • Compatibility across different platforms
  • Compatibility across browsers
  • Strong gaming application development
  • Development of feature-rich web and mobile applications

As a top HTML5 development company, we offer solutions which are sustainable, safe and easy to maintain. Moreover, the HTML5 solutions created by us can be used across platforms and function smoothly across a wide range of devices and electronic platforms. The services which we offer include:-

  • Development of HTML5 widgets
  • Development of social media applications based on HTML5
  • Customized HTML5 applications
  • Development of HTML5 based mobile applications
  • Development of HTML5 based games
  • Creation of enterprise HTML5 applications
  • Support & maintenance for HTML5
  • HTML5 based web development
  • HTML5 based portability/apps testing

Why choose HTML5 development services from SynpaseCo?

At SynpaseCo, we have a team of developers who are well-acquainted with the changes taking place in web development. Some of the distinctive features of our HTML5 based solutions are:-

Knowhow of the latest HTML5 specific tools – Our development team has expertise in using all types of HTML5 specific tools like XML, JSON, JavaScript and CSS3. Therefore, they can create user-friendly business apps with precision.

Expertise in all technologies related to HTML5 – Our developers are also proficient in the use of technologies which are related to HTML5 such as Adobe Tools, Joomla, Python, Java, PHP, Magento etc.

Experience in developing feature-rich apps for various platforms – Our development team has the experience of working on different types of feature-rich apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. They also have a good knowhow of developing cross platform apps by utilizing PhoneGap, Rhomobile etc. Therefore, you can count on us if you are looking for an offshore HML5 developer.

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