Strategic Alliances

SynapseCo’s Strategic Alliances

Technology is evolving fast and for delivering complete solutions, a company needs to have various strategic partners. In order to become a one-stop IT development company, we have tie-ups with the top IT companies in the world. Our strategic alliances with these partners allow us to offer complete technological and business solutions to diverse clients as per their needs and business goals.

SynapseCo Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – Microsoft is the topmost IT company in the world offering unmatched software, personal computers, consumer electronics, operating systems, technology services and more. The company understands the importance of technological evolution, and therefore, provides innovative solutions to its business clients and the end-customers with complete excellence.
SynapseCo BigCommerce Partner
BigCommerce Partner – BigCommerce is an e-commerce software and shopping cart platform that helps various brands to streamline business, grow faster and gain better traffic. This open-source platform is quite affordable and a developer can create an online shopping website without facing any complexity.
SynapseCo Google AdWords Certified Partner
Google AdWords Certified Partner – As part of its online advertising services, Google offers the AdWords certification program for digital marketing professionals, individuals, and companies. This accreditation simply demonstrates that an individual or a company is proficient in basic and advanced concepts of AdWords.
SynapseCo Shopify Partner
Shopify Partner – Shopify is the best e-commerce platform in India that allows you to create custom shopping websites as per the latest trends and business needs. Hundreds of attractive themes are easily accessible and a full-fledged e-commerce store can be launched without facing any hassles. You can sell your products in a better way and earn high ROI.
SynapseCo Shopify Partner
NSBA Member – As the nation’s first small business advocacy organization, the NSBA is America’s leading small business association. Our alliance with NSBA involves state & regional small business affiliates. Also, offer opportunities for members of the general community to network with the business community.

SynapseCo Redhat Partner – Red Hat specializes in providing exclusive open-source solutions. It uses a community-powered approach to provide reliable cloud and storage solutions. Its cutting-edge open-source solutions allow the developers to create highly scalable software. The company also offers strong technical support, technical training and other consulting services.
SynapseCo IBM Partner – IBM is one of the best IT companies in the world offering a wide range of products and services including computer systems, computer hardware/software/middleware, hosting services, storage solutions, business solutions, security services, microelectronics, nanotechnology and many more.
SynapseCo PayPal Certified – PayPal is the world’s largest Internet payment company that allows individuals and businesses to pay, send money and accept online payments. The company has completely transformed the online payment systems of the world by offering quick, safe and reliable payment modes. The lives of the shopaholics have become easier and businesses are evolving faster.
SynapseCo Macromedia Partner – Macromedia is now a part of Adobe Systems. It offers innovative multimedia graphics and software development solutions. The company utilizes integrated platforms for creating dynamic content and scalable applications.
SynapseCo Dell Partner – Dell is a leading computer technology company that offers world-class laptops, desktops, servers, monitors, gaming accessories, printers, data storage devices, computer peripherals, networking solutions and various IT services.
SynapseCo Thawte Partner – Thawte is one of the topmost certificate authority companies offering globally accepted SSL certificates. Its online security solutions are trusted by millions of enterprises. The company utilizes rigorous authentication and verification processes to provide unbreakable online security to various businesses.
SynapseCo Adobe Partner – Adobe Systems is a highly-rated computer software company that offers top-notch graphic design software, web design programs, video editing and visual solutions, e-learning software, digital marketing management software, server software, digital formats and much more. They have revolutionized the digital world with Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
SynapseCo RapidSSL Partner – RapidSSL is a big name in the Internet security world that offers reliable but cost-effective SSL certificates to various small and medium businesses (SMB). This certificate authority company allows the customers to quickly get online security in just 3-steps: Enroll, confirm, and install.
SynapseCo Partner – is the topmost web creation software company offering affordable domain registration solutions, web design services, web hosting, online marketing, security certificates, e-commerce website development solutions, etc.
SynapseCo Electronic Exchange Systems Partner
Electronic Exchange Systems – Electronic Exchange Systems is a leading electronic payment company that offers affordable and efficient payment solutions to online merchants as well as offline retail merchants. The company believes in providing tailored-solutions as per the needs of its clients.
SynapseCo Kaspersky Partner – Kaspersky Labs is a top cyber-security and anti-virus company providing the best security solutions to various businesses, organizations, and customers across the globe. They offer cost-effective home security products, small business security products, medium business security products and enterprise solutions.
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