Microsoft Azure Development

Windows Azure is a cloud platform providing a host of internet services. Microsoft Azure (PaaS – Platform as a Service) provides the developers with a familiar and flexible environment for creating application and services in the cloud.

Applications developed in Azure are compatible across the data centers of Microsoft. Windows Azure – the cloud OS that serves as a runtime environment for these applications, and services for the development, hosting and management of applications (managed off premises) come with Azure Service Platform.

Microsoft Azure Development, Programming & Coding Experts:

Our Microsoft Azure developers have hands-on experience and expertise in working with Microsoft Windows Azure features:

  • Automating Windows Applications Using Azure AppFabric Service Bus
  • Using Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP) Windows Azure Storage
  • Developing GPS Runner Maps
  • Azure Blob and Entity Table Integration, Extending the Thumbnail Sample
  • Windows Azure Storage Blobs
  • Working with Images – Upload, Deep Zoom Viewing, Mark Out and Annotation
  • Windows Azure Development Deep Dive: Working With Configuration

Development with Microsoft Windows Azure:

  • Migration of on-premise applications and database from MySql or other RDBMS to SQL Azure
  • Building Microsoft SharePoint applications in the cloud with Windows Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development
  • Building Web Applications with Microsoft SQL Azure & Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Azure
  • Visual WebGui applications running on Windows Azure
  • CRM Applications on Windows Azure

Features of Microsoft Windows Azure:

  • Compute – Web and Worker roles to host applications around the world.
  • Storage – Persistent and durable storage in the cloud via four core services.
  • Virtual Network – Networking functionality to connect on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Business Intelligence – Develop and deploy operational reports to the cloud using familiar tools.
  • Database – Highly available and scalable relational cloud database service.
  • Content Delivery Network – Deliver high bandwidth content through 24 global physical nodes.
  • Service Bus – Secure messaging capabilities for distributed and hybrid applications.
  • Marketplace – Buy and sell finished applications, data sets, components and more.
  • Virtual Machines – Deploy custom Windows Server 2008 R2 images to Windows Azure.
  • Caching – Distributed, in-memory application cache service.
  • Access Control – Standards-based service for identity and access control.

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