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Microsoft Small Business Specialists — helping small businesses to grow big!

SynapseCo is one of the few firms in the world with both ‘Microsoft Gold Certified Partner’ and ‘Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist’ acclamations. Only 0.2% of all Microsoft partners carry both of these premium organizational certifications. This dual certification makes SynapseCo the best choice amongst organizations that are capable to cater to the businesses of different operational scales. The company offers various services like web and mobile application development, Digital marketing services, and E-commerce solutions.

As a small business owner, business should be your first priority, not technology. And as far as technology is concerned, SynapseCo – a Microsoft Small Business Specialist can help your business to flourish with effective and affordable customized solutions that exactly meet your process needs. Like other Microsoft Small Business Specialists, SynapseCo has gone through extensive training to learn and get equipped with the special technology needs of small businesses. All our projects are quality checked by professionals before handing them over.

By focusing on the unique IT needs of a small business, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist like SynapseCo can assist an SME in making smart decisions – faster.

If you are an owner of an SME, the following are some essential points that you can benefit from the support of a Microsoft Small Business Specialist:

Peace of Mind

Every Microsoft Small Business Specialist undergoes rigorous technical training. Their technology expertise and better process understanding help an SME to meet specific technology challenges and benefit from smooth operational abilities.


Microsoft Small Business Specialists are trained to handle the nuances associated with the functioning of a small business. By helping you to choose and implement the right answer to the needs of your business, they save your precious time and money.

Personal Service

Microsoft Small Business Specialists focus on providing customized and personalized services matching to the demands of small business customers. For them there are no ‘small customers’; rather each of them is ‘another valued one’.

SynapseCo, as an outsource software development company based in the USA, comes to offer value-driven, scalable and cost-efficient solutions to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business owners.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist FAQ

Who can be a Microsoft Small Business Specialist?

Microsoft awards Small Business Specialist acclamation only to those partners who have a proven level of ability in providing effective solutions for small businesses; upon Microsoft technology platform.

These partners are judged upon their ability to understand the dynamics and demands of the small business market and are required to be capable of providing small business-specific software solutions. They need to have a proven level of expertise and experience in the Microsoft Genuine Windows Advantage program, and other appropriate software licensing programs – applicable for the small business market.

Becoming a Small Business Specialist is not easy. Companies aspiring to this status have to appear for several exams that test their ability to provide Microsoft solutions.

How can a Small Business Specialist help my business?

IT needs to vary with the scale of operation. A Microsoft Small Business Specialist is more capable to know your business requirements and can act both as a consultant and a de-facto, onsite IT professional lending invaluable support in designing, configuring, implementing, and maintaining IT solutions for your businesses.

These specialists have proven competence in identifying the needs of the partner and are best suited to extend the quickest support to your needs. They figure out solutions that are capable of enhancing the efficiency of your business process and relationship with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

Do small business ventures need a specialist?

Specialists have no substitutes. Microsoft has designed Small Business Specialist program after thoroughly reviewing the input from customers and partners. Most of them have shown their inclination towards building easier connections that enable small business customers to quickly and easily identify those technology partners best suited to support them.

What kind of training does a Microsoft Small Business Specialist undertake?

Getting a Microsoft Small Business Specialist acclamation is not a cake walk. The concerned partner must pass a technical exam and small business sales and marketing assessment test in order to be awarded this designation.

Along with it, the concerned organization expecting this prestigious tag must have undergone specialized Microsoft training. It also needs to be a Microsoft Partner Program member.

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