DevOps Development

DevOps is a practice which benefits development as well as operations process while attempting to optimize engineering to sustain growth and infrastructure for scale. It enhances employee engagement, creates a more stable operating environment and better communication. Businesses, therefore, can devote more time to innovation.

SynapseCo offers a wide variation of DevOps solutions and services to enable you to start using DevOps. Since year 2000, we have maintained an enviable track record by creating tailor-made solutions for our clients. Our services include:-

Uninterrupted monitoring and support – Backed by a highly-skilled IT team, we can monitor and support a wide range of DevOps environment and applications, event-service-process log, Incident management, and monitoring through the use of latest performance monitoring tools such as New Relic, LogTash, Nagios, etc. Our vast experience of working in different areas of the IT industry enables us to create flawless, end-to-end solutions.

Consistent delivery and Deployment – Our DevOps team remains engaged with the operations team throughout an application’s lifecycle. It undergoes continuous tests before being launched. Consistency in quality and stability is ensured through the use of configuration management tools such as Chef, CFEngine, and Puppet. Therefore we are able to maintain stability and vitality.

Frequent integration and tests – We ensure continuous integration through the use of agile development practices as a highly effective working solution. Our DevOps solution providers can manage minor code modifications and enhancements in a more effective manner through Continual Integration.

Dedicated DevOps planning – We follow a different process right from your thought process to the time when your products are launched. We create a complete plan which predicts architecture & environment design, inter-department collaboration and efficient workflow for uninterrupted delivery and deployment. This enables you to live up to the expectations of your customers and create a reliable image.

Why choose our DevOps consulting services?

Evaluate – As one of the leading DevOps software development services providers will invest a good deal of time to understand a company’s familiarity with DevOps. Based on it, we create a higher plan to reach a higher level of maturity and maximize benefits from the DevOps methodology.

Build – We will build customized DevOps pipelines using tools which are closely related to your company.

Assistance in management – SynaspeCo will manage the pipeline on your behalf and assist in continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of new software.

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