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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is commonly used by businesses to handle their business processes and improve their sales, marketing, and quality of customer service. It enables a company’s staff to work efficiently and make better decisions because of the presence of tools such as search filters, reporting tools, and advanced find. They make it easy for users to look for and promptly find the details which they are looking for. This solution also makes it easier for businesses to set up, manage, run, study and refine their marketing campaigns.

At SynapseCo, we have the experience of creating customized CRM solutions for businesses across different industries. Once we understand your business requirement, our development team assesses different open source CRM tools available on the internet and finds out the one which will be most suitable for you. They then add extra features, customize both interface and functionalities, developer user profiles and offer a comprehensive solution which can be utilized immediately. Some of our CRM related services include:-

Upgradation and maintenance of CRM applications – If you intend to upgrade to some other CRM app or a newer version, then our developers can ensure a smooth transition without any productivity or data loss. We will perform the upgradation and testing prior to implementing it on your system. This will help to reduce downtime.

Customization of CRM solutions – In case you have already implemented a CRM app and want to customize it for your business needs, you can count on us. As a top CRM development company, we have deep knowledge of numerous programming languages, operating systems, database management systems and application servers. Therefore we can create solutions which are customized as per your specific needs.

Development of end to end CRM solutions – Our proficiency in customized software development enables us to develop CRM applications which are rich in features for different businesses.

Development of open source CRM solutions – We can identify the most suitable open source solution based on your requirements. It will be configured and tailored-made as per your needs. Our development team has the experience of working on numerous CRM solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Why choose our Microsoft CRM solutions?

– As a software development company, SynapseCo has a sound knowledge of different Microsoft development technologies.

– Our development team can assist you in speedy implementation of CRM. They will educate your sales team by using handbooks on many inbuilt customization facilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This will ensure quicker preference set up as well as execution.

– SynapseCo’s expertise in different business functions such as CRM, productivity measures, sales force effectiveness etc. enables our consultants to work closely with your staff. Once they have a clear perception of your business aims and processes, they suggest the most effective ways of using Dynamics CRM within the core functionality of your firm.

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