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MEAN Stack

MEAN stack has gained considerable popularity because of its high flexibility and the smooth workflow which it ensures for developing JavaScript-based applications. This is a full stack JavaScript which is commonly used for creating fast, scalable web applications. MEAN offers users with all-inclusive web development solutions from client to the database and server. Therefore it is commonly used to create high-quality web applications.

At SynapseCo, our development team has sound knowledge of JavaScript for creating scalable, user-friendly which utilize JS on the client as well as server side. As a top MEAN stack development company, we have developed a wide range of applications ranging from interactive social networking portals to responsive mobile & web portals. Our clients have been able to reduce their marketing time considerably using these apps.

Our MEAN stack related solutions include:-

MongoDB – A strong NoSQL database, MongoDB supports JSON natively. It is also quick and dependable. Using MongoDB is considerably easier to scale-up and therefore it is used for social infrastructure and mobile development. One special feature of MongoDB is that it ensures that developers don’t have to devote extra time to manually write complex SQL queries. They can store all data in JSON-style documents.

ExpressJS – This is a NodeJS framework which has been specifically developed for web applications. Our developers can create visually appealing web interfaces and multi-page hybrid web apps using this framework. ExpressJS’s strong points include its flexibility, minimalism, high performance, and clarity.

AngularJS – Google has created this JavaScript client-side framework to enable front-end development rapidly. It is fully extendable and works well with other libraries also.

NodeJS – The presence of NodeJS ensures that there is no necessity to install a finished application to a web server. This is because the web server is included inside the app and so helps in saving a substantial amount of development time. It has been built on the V8 Javascript of Chrome. It’s event-driven I/O model ensures lightweight, effective development of apps.

Why choose our MEAN stack development services?

At SynapseCo, our MEAN developers have expertise in JavaScript. Therefore, they can create web apps which help to minimize your marketing time. We make use of MEAN stack to create fast, dependable APIs, responsive mobile portals and websites for social media. By hiring us as an offshore MEAN developer you can gain the following benefits:-

  • Customized solutions to serve your needs while maintaining the scalability of your web app.
  • All front-end applications which are developed undergo in-house testing rigorously.
  • Highly responsive and modern apps which work seamlessly.
  • By using JavaScript for coding throughout the phase of product development, we can enhance the performance of the app being developed along with the productivity of our development team.

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