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MERN Stack

MERN stack is an acronym of four JavaScript technologies-MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. It is written entirely in JavaScript and therefore ensures the presence of only one type of code. Therefore, MERN ensures that there are no syntax errors. It is suited for highly interactive front-end web applications since it has open source components which offer an end-to-end framework for creating all-inclusive web apps which connect browsers with databases. MERN reduces the setup time also.

As a top MERN stack development company, we have the desired level of experience of working on high-end mobile and web applications. Supported by a dedicated team of developers, we have created numerous universal apps utilizing Mongo, Express, React and NodeJS. Some of your MERN related services are discussed below:-

MongoDB – Our proficiency in MongoDB development enables us to create high-quality applications for small as well as large-scale enterprises. SynapseCo’s client-centric solutions helps in the development of applications which meets the business needs of clients.

Express.JS – We create highly flexible mobile and web applications because of our sound knowledge of Express.Js. A high level of scalability is ensured by through the use of the Express.Js framework along with the added functionality of Node.js.

React.JS – Our React.JS developers assist both big and small firms to create adaptable websites. Since we adopted to the use of React.JS at an initial stage, we have been able to create a niche with our development services.

Node.JS – Our development team is skilled in creating web and mobile-based Node.JS apps like UX/UI development and API.

Why choose our MERN development services?

1. Presence of a highly experienced team of architects and developers who have vast experience of working on Javascript.

2. We deliver satisfactory experience by developing software solutions as per contemporary trends.

3. Our development team has expertise in creating safe and strong backend APIs for mobile & web apps with the help of technologies such as Node.JS. Therefore, if you are looking for an offshore MERN developer, your search ends here.

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